Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching Up!

i finally made a little time to sit down and catch up with my blogging! ha ha, well, i don't think i will ever REALLY catch up, but i will at least write a little about what bud and i have been up to this summer! we have mainly been working on our house we are about to build, getting the quotes, picking out what we want (from floors and cabinets, to paint colors and appliances!), and the longest part has been working with the banks.......but we are FINALLY closing next week and building will begin the first week of august! it seems like i was JUST saying in april that we hoped to begin by june....... unfortunately life does not always fall in the timing we would like ;) but it is all ok and better late than never, right?! we have also taken a trip to orange beach this summer, spent some time with our group of friends we have become so close to, and tried to spend more time with our family. oh yeah! and the boat that i wrote about awhile back? sadly, we decided to sell old "high maintenance"...... we put the proceeds into the house fund ha! we made some great and funny memories with SEVERAL of our friends on that boat by the end though, not just marshall and jules! it has definitely been an eventful summer so far, it has just gone by so fast though!

we are also looking very forward to august! it is gonna be a blast! so in the upcoming month we will 1) begin our new home 2) take a week of vacation 3) celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and 4) go to my RCHS 10 year class reunion! looks like we have a busy month ahead, but we are so excited! we are gonna take it easy and stay close to home for our anniversary this year (what with the house and all) but we may visit gatlinburg and pigeon forge for a few days. we are also gonna go to cookeville for a weekend and visit my friend liz and her husband brandon - it will be great to catch up with them and see their new home AND hear brandon sing in his band "jones'n". i have lots of pics from this summer, i just need to make a little extra time to post them! i will put some pics on here at some point ;) i hope everyone is doing well, i have been working ALOT lately, so if you are ever in the big food city come by and say hi!

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  1. I heard your having a Baby!! sooo happy for you! he/she will be beautiful!! :) Congrats!!